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Description of Auto- Athkar for muslims

Welcome to the application of the new Muslim! After today .. will never forget the mention of God!
Now and after a long wait we offer you the application of the new "Muslim Remembrance", through which you will spend a wonderful experience of unmatched faith .. Through the display of the adverts on the screen while browsing the phone, and distinctive without the need to enter the program!

Wipe your tongue with the remembrance of God even if you talk to friends during conversations!
The application is very special and has been programmed to work intelligently while browsing the phone .. To never forget the mention of God!

Participate in our global application deployment campaign to 100 million Muslims around the world!
By sharing the application link to friends in WattsUp and Twitter .. Let's make all the Android devices around the world crackle with the remembrance of God!

Features and features

* Control the appearance of Azarov on the screen
* Several sections of the Tenets of Remembrance: The morning adhkaar, the evening adhkaar, the adhkaar of the night, the adhkaar of the mosque, the adhkaar of waking up, praise,
- Instantaneous statistics of the numbers of applause and praise on the screen.
* New !: Now you can add your own adverts to appear on the screen while browsing your phone!

** Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the coming period!

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This Islam / Islamic app will show you Athkar (automatically) on your device screen while using other applications - on top of other apps
There are several types of Adhkar: such as Morning and Evening, Well-known islamic prayers, and much more!
* You can control the frequency of Azkar showing.
*! NEW * You can add your own Zikr!

Helps us reach our goal: reaching 100 million muslim user's!
By spreading the app link to your friends on Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, viber and other places
Let's make all our android phones repeat and show athkar's worldwide!

Version history com.revanen.athkar
New in com.revanen.athkar 7.1
امكانية الاضافة والتعديل على اذكار الصباح والمساء
New in com.revanen.athkar 6.5
امكانية الاضافة والتعديل على اذكار الصباح والمساء
New in com.revanen.athkar 6.1
* خاصيه عدم ظهور الاذكار في حال انشغال المستخدم بمحتوى تفاعلي.* يمكنك التفاعل مع فريق كنوز وارسال الاقتراحات.* تحسینات على الاداء.
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